So close yet so far away!

We’re officially on our way but running late, in true Benny and Sofia fashion. Our main objective was to get to Breckenridge, Colorado so we we’re rushing pretty hard but we didn’t let that stop us from taking in the few places we had the pleasure of seeing. Watch us push the boundaries of our car and make it in one piece…or not.

John Denver was not full of shit after all

As we enjoy the rest of Colorado while continuing our road trip across the USA, we finally decide our final plan/itinerary. We barely made it to our first real stop, will we make it through this plan without anymore problems? Subscribe/follow and stay tuned to find out!

When life gives you lemons…

We were on a mission to go to the Arizona-Utah border to check out Monument Valley and camp in the back country, but life had different plans for us. We got there just in time to find out the administrative office was closed and we would not be purchasing a permit after all. Given the time (Sunset was about an hour away) we were forced to backtrack as quickly as possible to find a place to stay that night. Despite the stress, the whole ordeal was a blessing in disguise and we ended up finding our favorite off road trail/place to camp so far-The Valley of the Gods.

Our off road/camping trip was brought to you by poor planning. It was only a matter of time before we took wrong turns and made some questionable decisions and apparently we saved them all for the Grand Canyon. Lucky for you we filmed everything and are publishing it for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

If you ask us what our ideal vacation would be we’d definitely say anywhere with a swimmable beach. So you can imagine how stoked we were to find this gem in Utah on our way back to New York from the Grand Canyon. I mean, we assumed we were going to see a lot of mountains and desert on this overloading adventure, but a beach surrounded by mountainous rocks by the desert is next level!! We camped here for two nights instead of our usual one and enjoyed a well deserved moment of relaxation. We also learned that our car can (sort of) handle off roading on sand! It was a win-win for everyone.

We’re on our way home to New York. We’d love to keep going, but work projects are hard to do without any service and/or wifi and the car is in desperate need of a proper check up. In this video we decide to go to Nebraska to check out carhenge, we learn a hard lesson on what to do (and what not to do) when you set up camp at night, and we find the Rocky Mountain National Park by accident.

We were on our way to Nebraska when we took a little detour into Wyoming. We stopped in Cheyenne for some retail therapy and then dropped by the visitor center to learn a little more about the area. The super helpful woman working behind the desk there told us about a dispersed camping area at Medicine Bow National Forest about an hour outside town so that’s where we went. We found the perfect off road spot and set ourselves up. Other than a little bit of rain later in the night, we had a great time. We’re planning a road trip around the state for next summer already!

The majority of people we talked to about our road trip told us Nebraska was one of the most boring states to drive thru, but we disagree. We stayed on a super cool cattle farm the first time we passed thru it and this time we stopped by Carhenge (a replica of stone henge, but with old cars) and we found a forest with a $5 campground and some serious off road trails. We took an hour and a half detour in this forest in our car and pushed our new 2-wheel off road capabilities to the max (our 4-wheel drive sensor malfunctioned in the Grand Canyon). Through it all we saw hundreds of cows and an animal that looked like a deer with huge ears, multiple rainbows, and a gorgeous sunset.

It’s bittersweet to announce that this is our last video for this road trip. We’ve had so much fun exploring the USA and getting acquainted with the overlanding lifestyle. We’ve decided we want adventures like these to be apart of our lives so stay tuned for our next road trip coming to you soon!

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