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What started as escaping New York City in our 2005 Ford Escape turned into something we never imagined.


Benny is the man behind the brands. He has an intuitive response to push the boundaries of what’s acceptable – whether he’s working with an irreverent surf brand from Australia or a conservative car company from Sweden. This out-of-the-box vision, paired with a solution-driven ‘never give up’ attitude, gives each aspect of his work something that people want to talk about.


One of the secrets to his success is how he shares his vision – through his lens. He’s lived many lives through those lens – pointed it at a wild array of people, from Thor to a bevy of Victoria’s Secret Models; uniquely captured the beauty of Peru, Abu Dhabi, Cuba, Portugal and almost literally, countless more locations. 


He’s had many adventures beyond the camera – he’s dressed an international pop star for her wedding and made Magic Mike mimic Van Damme just to name a few… After hearing all of this, you’d truly believe that his life has been a fairytale, however we all know that’s not real life.His way of observing and absorbing the world around him, plus his ability to provide a uniquely real interpretation, makes him the ideal person to capture all areas of life. 


After living and working in destinations like Miami, San Francisco, Paris and Rio de Janeiro, Sofia trotted off to Law School. With success on the horizon and life laid out perfectly in front of her, the path suddenly diverged when she realised that the call of her artistic passion and creativity was much louder than Lady Justice could ever be. All roads led to New York, where Sofia set about taming the extremes of its renowned nightlife; a challenge much more suited to her unique strengths. 


Sofia made her way to the iconic Hamptons establishment, The Surf Lodge, wrangling the rich, the famous, and everything in between with flair. She took her zeal to the next level by also launching and managing Mailroom, a brand-new NYC hotspot, gathering press and acclaim for the venue from the likes of The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. 


However, Sofia constantly saw a massive divide between perception and reality. Working behind the scenes to help set up and capture an “instaworthy” moment for celebs and influencers had her feeling like she was living in a universe that was only based on illusions and fantasies. She found herself dreaming of reality, feeling like Sofia in Wonderland.  


The perfect muse for such an adventure, Sofia’s eclectic style, assertive attitude and desire to expose what it really means to “live your best life” makes her yearn to travel and experience the Nomad Effect.


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