what started as a simple escape
turned into the

what started as a simple escape
turned into the

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Our 1963 Avion Travelcader is where we currently live and we're always looking to improve her. Vintage, but has all the mod cons


We built a 2005 Ford Escape into and overlander and drove it across America

If you look across the internet at taking an AWD 2005 Ford Escape off-road the resounding message you’ll hear is “DON’T”! Well we don’t tend to listen to the “NO’s”.

So we did our best to lift, equip and strengthen our daily and took it on a month long trip across the USA and saw some amazing things.


Moving forward we’re DIY’ing a renovation on a 1963 Avion Trailer, rebuilding a 1998 Toyota LandCruiser FJ62 and renovating our 3 bed, 3 bath house in Miami.


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