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After opening a handful of successful yoga studios in NYC, Yoga Vida has turned its hand toward a more immersive experience. They found an old bootlegger’s property about 2 hours away from NYC and transformed it into a retreat center with a sustainable farm and greenhouse. The 62 acre estate […]


Shop Ness Isabella is a collection by vintage curator Ness Isabella. Ness hand picks and sells designer and non-designer vintage pieces from around the world. She advocates for sustainability by providing a mindful way of satisfying a desire for new clothes.  Ness was looking to embrace the Brooklyn aesthetic without […]


Entrepreneur Monique Salvador is transitioning into having her great idea for a company turned into one of the San Francisco tech beasts. She needed multiple layers of content to come out of simple makeup counter visits in order to create backdrops and use real content on her new website, social […]


Colombian actress Lorena Sarria was looking to create basic content while in NYC between films and was over trading skin for likes. We felt her international followers would be interested in her life in America so we asked her if she would be willing to create a story around a […]


Our holiday trip to Australia summed up in 2 words: Animals and beaches.  Being that we’re both from tropical climates, but living in NYC, nothing makes us happier than good ol Vitamin D. Also who doesn’t love a cute furry creature? Australia is full of them!


We made a pit stop in Forster-Tuncurry to lend a hand to Grow Your Own Music Festival. Founded by the Queen of Forster, Jack River, GYO celebrates music by giving local bands a stage to rock out on in front of thousands of fans. They also give growers from the […]


Cyber Monday is officially our favorite holiday. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s the Monday after Thanksgiving where literally every online store goes on next level sale (we’re talking like 50% off deals) and you don’t even need to put on pants to partake in […]


Dharavi, or as the locals call it, the 5 star slum, is the definition of thriving in less than ideal conditions. It wasn’t the poverty you’d expect with anything associated with the word slum. Residents have band together to create a community equipped with housing, schools, temples and jobs. The […]


THIS IS A PSA!! Do not attempt the potato diet on a national holiday. This is pretty much as far as we could move and the most we saw of the 4th of July in NYC.