We finally start on our quest to get our 2005 Ford Escape ready to go on adventures. Lay Your eyes on some of the tribulations we’ve faced in the pursuit of our goals and learning how to DIY mechanic in the middle of a New York City winter while keeping our company (Nomad Effect) afloat.

Check it out!

We’re finally ready to hit the road! We were invited on a last minute family trip to Colorado and we thought this was the perfect opportunity to push ourselves to finish our car and test our overloading set up. We made a list of what we thought was actually needed to put ourselves comfortably on the road for a few weeks and then we started building and spraying – making most of it up as we went along. What resulted was a race to the finish line to buy all of our gear, get our roof rack/roof top tent ready, and create a camp kitchen in the car. Although we didn’t do everything we had planned when we first came up with this project, we’re pretty damn proud with what we accomplished. Check out the process and we can’t wait to see what life on the road has to offer!

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