In our latest adventure we drive the workhorse 2011 Toyota Tacoma across the USA to make another questionable purchase. A 1963 Avion Travelcade, 27 feet of Aluminum good times and a new challenge and dare we say project.

Kicking off on the rebuild of our vintage travel trailer, Amelie the Avion. I didn’t know this footage existed and I’m glad it does but hard to spend hours on an edit with it. For anyone wanting to follow along we’ll also update the instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amelieavion/

Jumping straight into painting the Avion interior. We also move the trailer back out the front which it seems like we do too much but hey that’s life.

Solar was top of our list of mods when we decided on buying a Vintage Avion Trailer. We bought a complete 600 Watt Renogy setup a year ago without knowing what our final trailer power requirements would be so once installed we ended up changing out the main components. Big shout out to  @WillProwse  for the videos he makes as I wouldn’t have got anything done without them!

Renovating the Vintage Avion continues with the kitchen getting a full makeover.

Renovation continues with lots of final touches to the Vintage Avion as we get closer to moving in!

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