Entrepreneur Monique Salvador is transitioning into having her great idea for a company turned into one of the San Francisco tech beasts. She needed multiple layers of content to come out of simple makeup counter visits in order to create backdrops and use real content on her new website, social and groundbreaking app.

Blush Up needed an agency that was willing to: (1) Be accessible at the moment an influencer or model was available to be comped a treatment at one of New York’s many beauty counters. (2) Willing to work with the unflattering lighting in department stores as opposed to a controlled lighting environment like a studio. (3) Understand where the content needed to be placed on the app and website which dictated direction given to the makeup artists and their subjects.

Nomad Effect understands that not every assignment will be perfect and putting a company’s needs first is more important. We remained flexible in scheduling and working conditions in order to deliver the images Monique was looking for. 

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